Mercator Working Group: Mapping Disinformation

The Mercator Working Group (MWG) endeavours to assist digital citizens and their policy makers in better understanding the threat that disinformation poses to civil participation. We adopt an analytical and investigative approach to mapping coordinated and incidental threats to self-determination in the digital world.

Our current focal points include:
Exploring the complex incentive structure that drives coordinated disinformation campaigns and visualise their manifestations in an international context.Uncovering systematic and strategic efforts to bias individuals’ access to information and the consequences for the well-being of European citizens, effective governance by policy makers, and our democracy in general. Investigating how programmatic micro-targeting can influence online content and the consequences of algorithmic decision making that prioritises profit over individual and societal well-being.
We are a group of experts aiming to provide creative solutions for understanding, analysing, and combating the epidemic of digital disinformation by leveraging the competences and perspectives of our interdisciplinary team.


Claim your space!
— Daniel

Reframing Facebook
— Karina

Social Media Self-defense
— Daniel

Outsmarting algorithms

— Claudio

What if nobody likes you

— Karina

Dutch Municipalities websites put citizens privacy at risk
— Karina

Facebook's Anatomy: Dissecting your Favorite Platform
— Collaboration project between Mercator Working Group and ALEX team for the Digital Methods Summer School 2019

Working Group Members

The Mercator Working Group is an interdisciplinary collective of experts founded in Amsterdam (NL). If you are interested in participation or collaboration, please reach out to us.

Martin Lopatka, Mozilla (NL)
Arpad Gerecsey, A-Lab (NL)
Karina Meerman, SlimDing (NL)
Claudio Agosti, Tracking.Exposed (DE)
Ron Broeders, VersPers (NL)
Bec Connelly (NL)
Ingrid Gercama, Anthrovision Productions
Daniel Bauer (NL)
Stefania Milan, ALEX (NL)
Davide Beraldo, ALEX (NL)
Jeroen de Vos, ALEX (NL)
Liam Considine (NL)

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